Stepping Forward to Stop Bullying

Stepping Forward to Stop Bullying

Over one hundred and fifty students walked to school to stop bullying.
BROOKVILLE, JEFFERSON COUNTY - Stepping forward to stop bullying more than 150 Brookville Students participated in a walk that combined International Walk to School Day and Bullying Prevention Day.

School Officials say the way kids are bullied has changed.

"I see a lot with students that they say unkind things to each other and where I see most of it is verbal not necessarily physical" said Guidance Counselor Kristen Drake.

Students wore the color orange to represent anti-bullying and signed a pledge to prevent bullying.

 "I think it's not right to bully. I mean there's not point in it. It's just mean to other kids” said student Parker Fleming.

"It's such a great feeling know our kids are feeling empowered to do that and one of my jobs, one of the roles I feel I have here is to help empower kids to be leaders in their school and take charge of their own situation and not always expect adults to handle it for them" said Drake.

Parents and volunteers walked with the students saying they too are stepping forward to stop bullying and empower their children.

"Empowering children and teaching children how to handle that is a long lifelong rather than dealing with one situation" said Superintendent Sandra Craft.

There are over 150 signatures on this sign of student up through teacher who says today and everyday they are stepping up to stop bullying.

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