Steelers Fans Pigging Out?

Steelers Fans Pigging Out?

Fans of losing teams eat more next day.

The Steelers loss this weekend could be hard on your waistline. A recent study found people living in cities who’s NFL team loses on Sunday; tend to eat more calories and fatty foods on the following Monday.
Researchers looked at the eating habits of people in 30 u.S. Cities with teams in the National Football League. They studied them for two seasons, comparing them to cities without NFL teams.

Results show after a loss people in cities whose team lost on Sunday eat 16% more saturated fat and 10% more calories. But people in cities who’s team is victorious on Sunday eat healthier. They actually take in 9% less saturated fat and 5% fewer calories. 

However, the study didn't look at fans who didn't live right in their team's city, so maybe you don't need to be afraid to step on the scale!

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