State Police Issue School Safety Report

Protecting schools focus of report.
HOLLIDAYSBURG - The Pennsylvania State Police have released comprehensive guidelines to help schools keep students safe. The new report says that many schools in Pennsylvania are still vulnerable to a violent attack by an armed individual or a terrorist group.

That's a conclusion of the school safety report issued today by the Pennsylvania State Police.  The goal of the report was to   provide school districts' with the information they need to improve security.
The State Police Risk and Vulnerability Assessment Team has been in business for almost ten years examining school security.  Today's comprehensive report was aimed at improving school safety and security in the state.
The report cited a number of violent attacks on schools and students.  In response, the Pennsylvania State Police established the special team  to examine  the security procedures of school districts. This latest report on school security from the State Police is a blue print for an upgrade of security measures.
 "Basically the school safety report outlines guidelines for school district to use in the event of an attack.  It’s a comprehensive guideline as far as what school districts can look at and keep their schools safe." 

The Altoona Area School District was one of the first districts in the state to ask for the intensive review of their security efforts.  District officials say the review by an outside agency was helpful
"We wanted to make sure we were doing everything possible   that we had the cutting edge technology, weather it was access control, closed circuit cameras, armed officers in the school,    we wanted an outside agency to come in and   take a look and they were very effective."   

The State Police say their risk and vulnerability assessment team can be a big help in making sure schools are prepared   with a solid plan to meet any emergency.
"Yes absolutely, it’s always a good practice to have outlines and guidelines in place should an event or an attack occur."  

  In today's report, the State Police cite the advantages of armed security guards, better control of building access,  and  having  comprehensive plans in place for dealing with any sort of attack.

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