State Guidance on Health Policy Cancellations

State Guidance on Health Policy Cancellations

Insurance Commissioner : those affected will be given options.

The state insurance commissioner is providing some guidance to Pennsylvania residents whose health insurance policies are being cancelled.
Hundreds of thousands of state residents have been notified their policies are being eliminated because they not acceptable under the Affordable Care Act.
State Insurance Commissioner Michael Consedine says they should expect to hear soon from their insurance company about their options.

Consedine says  insurance companies will be allowed to continue individual policies originally set for cancellation. But it's up to the companies to decide what they want to do.

The insurance department says all four of the Blue Plans have agreed to allow special care polyholders to continue that coverage into next year.

"This is a Pennsylvania-applied bandage for individuals harmed by the ACA, not a cure for a critically-ailing ACA. Although this bandage may provide temporary relief for some, Pennsylvania will continue to see additional cancellations, rate increases and significant problems due to ACA-driven changes in the insurance marketplace.

Considine's  announcement only affects individual policies, not those of small businesses.

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