State College #4 Most Secure City in America

State College #4 Most Secure City in America

Some folks in our region are living in one of the most secure small cities in America.
STATE COLLEGE, CENTRE COUNTY - State College is ranked the fourth "Most secure small city" in America and folks around town are surprised.

It's a place Alan Claver has called home for 35 years.

"I raised my family here," he said. "One of the reasons why was because of the quality of life here."

And he's not leaving any time soon, especially now.

"The education of the average person in State College seems to lend itself to a quiet and secure and concerned area," Claver said.

Concerned, quiet and secure, three reasons, of many, State College is the number four "most secure small cities" in America.

"It has a community feel to it," Penn State Senior, Cassandra Olivio said. "There are students here, but there are also towns people. It just feels safe."

Olivio has lived here for four years and is surprised State College is number four.

"I would think it would be higher," she said.

She's not alone.

"Quite frankly, I'm surprised it was number four," State College Mayor, Elizabeth Goreham, said. "It was number three a couple of years ago."

Farmer's Insurance ranked State College number four, based on criteria like economic stability, crime statistics, extreme weather and employment numbers.

Goreham says it's thanks, too, to a good working relationship between the town and Penn State.

"We have a wonderful police force, we have a wonderful relationship with Penn State and we want everyone to have a good life here," she said.

Despite a slip in number this year, Goreham calls State College the place to be.

"People love it here. This is a great place to live. We do enjoy a wonderful quality of life," she said.
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