State Award for Area Hospital

State Award for Area Hospital

Tyrone recognized for quality of care.

Four years ago, a local hospital was emerging from bankruptcy and the future of the facility was in doubt. On Wednesday, Tyrone Hospital received state recognition for the quality of its care.

The Pennsylvania Office of Rural Health presented Tyrone Hospital with an award for visionary leadership, and for significantly  improving the health of rural residents. In other words, according to the state, the  hospital has risen to the top.

"The quality measures Tyrone Hospital has done very well on, are the quality measures that hospitals need to be achieving in this new era of  healthcare," says Lisa Davis, the Director of the Pennsylvania Office of Rural Health.

The award signifies that Tyrone Hospital meets or exceeds the benchmarks for the treatment of congestive heart failure  diabetes, pneumonia, surgical care, and other major medical conditions.
Dr. Gregory Kimble says, "we have stepped up. We are scoring very, very well on our core measures, our patient satisfaction,  our safety inititatives."

Dr Kimble and Tyrone Hospital CEO Steve Gildea say there's been a concerted effort over the past four years to find and focus on the hospital's role in meeting the community's needs.

In addition to the emphasis on in-patient care, improvements include a new buidling, which houses a  fitness and wellness center, a Breast Care and  Women's Health Institute, and specialty practices, which Tyrone Hospital has added over the past few years.

Gildea says proudly, "you can get it done here. That's the new slogan for Tyrone Hospital because we're trying to remind people they can chose."

Davis says for patients, the award recognizes "that they will get very high quality care that is close to home that will be consistent with the kind of care they might get in a much larger facility."

The award also recognizes a high level of patient satisfaction with the hospital. The hospital was also recognized nationally for its initiatives to improve health in the community.

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