Spring Cove Funding Concerns

Spring Cove Funding Concerns

Possible lose of funding draws interest.
ROARING SPRING, BLAIR COUNTY - The leaders of the Spring  Cove School District have been told they are in danger of losing nearly one half million dollars in federal funding . That's why the district  leaders area are  reaching out to parents and teachers for ways to address the problems facing the district.
The Spring Cove schools district is already in the middle of an extensive study of  their buildings and facilities  to try and determine the future use of the district's four school buildings. But now school officials  have a new reason to look at a possible grade  realignment.

More than one hundred parents, teachers and school staff members gathered in  the administrative offices of the Spring Cove school district  on Tuesday .The meeting was held to update  the community on efforts to protect federal  funding  that is used to support reading  and other enrichment programs.  That  funding  in danger because the cost of educating students varies among the district's  buildings.
"In particular we are not able   to make the buildings comparable  according to the systems that we have to use for federal funding.    The buildings are not comparable  by federal program standards."  
The district is  now  considering   changes that could include the possibility of moving certain grades to specific buildings.  That concerns some of the parents who attended  the informational meeting.
"as a parent, when i look at the suggestions  of moving all of certain grades   to one school and other grades to   the other school,  to me it doesn't makes sense.  I can't see the academic value, the educational value."   

District officials say they are still looking at all options when it comes to making  building assignments for next year.
 "I think what we want to do is   open the discussion   on realignment   with no pre conceived    notions that automatically   all of these children from area are going to go to another area." 

 Parents say they want to make sure the interest of students comes first.

"My concern is   all work together  really do what is best for the students   and i think  that means looking outside the box and coming up with idea that might be a little bit different."

The Spring Cove school district will hold another public meeting in early February to  look at possible changes for the coming school year  in an effort to protect their  federal funding.

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