Speed Slicer

Speed Slicer

The Speed Slicer is a 6 piece stainless steel V-blade that slices and can julienne strips.
Speed Slicer


  • Slices really well, thick and thin settings
  • easy to switch over to the julienne setting
  • really sharp blade

  • not dishwasher safe
  • all the extra attachments won't fit into the base for storage
  • the button to turn to change the thickness of the cut is really tough to turn
  • when using the julienne setting it is hard to hold on to the vegetables

***TEST IT TUESDAY REVIEW*** - We are giving the Speed Slicer a 2 out of 4 star rating.  It does work but some of the attachments can be confusing.  It does not store easily and it is tough to change the settings for the different cuts. 
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