Special Player Makes an Impact

Special Player Makes an Impact

Huntingdon teams honors a special team member.
This was senior night for the Bearcat football team in Huntingdon and for one family, this was a very big night. One particular member of the Bearcats team capped off a brief but meaningful football career tonight as an honored member of the squad.

 One of the honorary captains for tonight's senior’s night game was Garrett Smith who wears number 58 on his home jersey. This substitute lineman said the honor was something he really appreciated.
"Its just great,   its just a great feeling being one of the captains for team."    

Garrett is a special member of team because while he was diagnosed with a mild form of autism early in his school career, he has still managed to become a significant part of the high school football team.
"He was really quiet when we first got here and football has done a lot for Garrett   and Garrett has done a lot for his teammates.   And his team.  He's been a vocal leader this year."

His parents say they have seen a big difference in their son thanks to a couple of football seasons.  One of the biggest honors came tonight when he was introduced as one of the team's seniors.
"Oh its great,   I mean the student section gave him a big cheer   it was just awesome."  

While Garrett's playing time on the varsity squad has been limited, his parents are convinced the football experience has been a positive one because of his fellow players.

"Well it is something special, these guys they rallied around   each other   and they are just a special group of guys."

 An assistant coach said that Garret has become a lot more out going as the football season has progressed.   And a number of his fellow players have made it clear they appreciate having him as part of the team.

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