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Soup and Studying and Spirituality on the Menu at Faith Center

Soup and studying were both on the menu near Penn State in State College. <br />One spiritual center welcomes all to their house.<br />
STATE COLLEGE, CENTRE COUNTY -- At the Suzanne Pohland Paterno Catholic Student Faith Center near Penn State, the doors are open and the soup is hot.

Neumann Catholic Association Social Chair Takia Follador says,  "Fr. Matt made three types of soup and we also have bread and hot dogs and it's just a nice study break for the week before finals."

The center's been open over a year now and dinners like this one are held around the busy schedules of students.

 "It's not always packed you can study get a lot done and it's nice to feel like God around you when you are studying which is very cool."

By offering a quiet place to study and a warm meal, organizers, including Sue Paterno hope these students will do well on their exams and in life.

As Fr. Matthew Laffey, the Director of the Penn State Catholic Student Ministry program explains,  "I always tell them when they come they should; they should stop in the chapel first before they go downstairs, before they go to the library, before they come and eat and pray. The message is to come and be with fellow Christians that can help you or maybe you could be of help to them."

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