Somerset School Closing

Somerset School Closing

<img align="left" src="/images/Multi_Media/wearecentralpa/nxd_media/img/jpg/2009_02/abd7f674-f9ef-86d4-3123-3b447d33bfc4/raw.jpg" alt=" " />An area school district decides to close an elementary school, despite objections from parents.
Rockwood, Somerset County

An area school district decides to close an elementary school, despite objections from parents.

It was a close vote Monday night and most of the crowd of about a 150 people wasn’t happy with the results. But the Rockwood Area School Board voted to close Kingwood Elementary.

Right now 80 students go to Kingwood Elementary in Somerset County. But next year those students will have to go somewhere else.  The school board voted six to three to close the school.  The School Board President said education is about a building it’s about educating students. And he says it’s time to unite the district.

But some parents in the crowd weren’t happy with that decision. They say parents at Rockwood Elementary are just jealous of the Kingwood school.  The average class size at Kingwood is 15. The average size at Rockwood is 25.  Rockwood parents say that’s not fair because Kingwood kids get more time and attention from their teachers.

Kingwood students will have to go to Rockwood Elementary next year. Parents say that would be about an hour away by bus. And some parents say that’s not going to happen. One man said he would either Cyber School his two children or send them to another district.

School Board President Bob Saler Junior wants parents to reconsider. He says all the students are part of the Rockwood Area School District.  He says the move to consolidate will be good for the district, financially, in the long run. But some taxpayers in the crowd said it would cost too much to fit in the extra kids at Rockwood Elementary.

Saler says all of the Kingwood Elementary teachers will keep their jobs.  And he’s going to try and work all of the support staff into open positions.

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