Ski Resort Battle Heat Wave

Ski Resort Battle Heat Wave

Blue Knob forced to close for the weekend.
BLUE KNOB, BLAIR COUNTY - Not everyone was excited to see 60 degree temperatures Sunday. Local ski resorts had to scramble and Blue Knob was forced to close down.

The Ski Resort shut it's doors this weekend and will remain closed Monday. Resort managers say they have been making snow at Blue Knob for a few weeks and they say the slopes will be able to maintain their base despite the warm weather. While the lost business can be frustrating, they are excited for the rest of the season.

"Mother Nature sent the weather up from Texas and it's gone now. We're going to get right back in the type of weather we like to see and for the next 15 days it's going to be amazing weather and the conditions we like," Blue Knob Lodge Manager Paul Gordon says.

The resort plans to re-open and be fully functional on Tuesday.

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