Shooting At Nightclub, Police Investigating

Shooting At Nightclub, Police Investigating

Police investigating shooting at a nightclub, neighbors say ambulance was on scene.
ALTOONA - Police are investigating a shooting at nightclub on 130 6th Avenue late Thursday. 

Neighbors say police cars and an an ambulance arrived at Choices Nightclub in Altoona shortly after 11 pm.

"We saw the police cars, we're not surprised because they're always here," said one neighbor referring to the nightclub. "All of a sudden I came down on the porch, witnesses saying, 'Someone was shot.'"

As of Friday morning the nightclub was roped off and police officers were seen walking in and out of the building. 

Altoona Police say an investigation is currently taking place, but would not release any details as to if anybody had been injured or taken to the hospital.

One officer did say there was no immediate threat to the neighborhood.

A news release with more information is expected later in the day.
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