Shine Bright with a Diamond Dipped Facial at Glow

Shine Bright with a Diamond Dipped Facial at Glow

Glow Salon and Spa offers a unique and luxurious experience with their Derma Radiance Microderm Abrasion treatment.

As we age, we all want a look that defies our years. And, at Glow Spa and Salon in Altoona, esthetician Cindy Sinisi is the expert who turns back the clock.

"You can really customize the treatment for each person depending on their needs," she says.

Cindy's "magic wand" is used in a unique form of microderm abrasion. Flowers flow freely, exfoliating and illuminating the skin. 

 "The first part of the treatment is done dry," Cindy explains. "I use organic flower grains. For her, I have lavender grains in the machine."

Cindy says other spas use aluminum oxide crystals, but they can be harsh on the skin. At Glow, only organic goes. The flowers are imported from Italy.

"The flower, it's a whole flower stem. They use a petal, the stem and everything and they're pulverized and radiated, so it's a little bit different choice," Cindy explained.

In addition to flowers, part two of the procedure includes treatment with a diamond dipped wand to smooth the skin.  

"It's actually dipped in diamond dust where some of the diamond wands that you'll find with traditional services are just cut. They're not actually dipped in diamonds," Cindy explained.

Client Kim shared her reaction after her treatment was complete, saying "I think if you wouldn't have been talking, I would have fell asleep. It was very relaxing."

For more information, contact Cindy at:
Glow Salon and Spa
5715 6th Avenue
(814) 944-0189

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