School District Using GPS to Track Students

School District Using GPS to Track Students

About 25 million students ride school buses across the country every day.
DENVER, COLORADO – Students in a Colorado school district are now being tracked using GPS technology for parents to keep track of their children and give them peace of mind.

Students who ride the bus in Denver scan on and off buses, logging them into a new system so the schools can track the whereabouts of every child.

“Did my student make it on the bus? Are they at school? Has the bus arrived at the stop yet?” said Kristy Armstrong with Denver Public Schools. “Schools can now answer that very accurately.”

By the end of the year parents will be able to access the system from home.

The program is getting rave reviews so far, so much so calls are coming in from around the country about how to implement.

Two California school districts are launching GPS programs and Boston’s program is already up and running, allowing parents to track their children online.

In districts without GPS, families are taking matters into their own hands. Betty and Norman Tsang created a free phone app for Westport, Connecticut called “Where’s Our School Bus.” Parents post updates as the bus moves through the route, so those down the line know when to expect their kids. To date around 20 other towns have adopted the app.

“Any tools that we can provide to parents to help them understand where their kids are, to provide better child safety, is great for the community,” said Norman Tsang.
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