School Bomb Threat Follow-UP

School Bomb Threat Follow-UP

Berlin - Brothers Valley reaction to threat.
A phoned in bomb threat caused a big problem for the Berlin - Brothers Valley School District in Somerset County on Monday evening.
It was actually a pair of phone in threats that came into the District Offices on Monday afternoon.  They led to a long night for some law enforcement and district personnel.

It was just after four Monday afternoon when district personnel at the small rural Berlin - Brothers Valley School District received the first threatening phone call. Action to cancel some athletic events and empty the school buildings quickly followed.
We got the first call, we made the decision to cancel   when we got the second call, I got on the intercom and evacuated immediately.   We personally went into locker rooms and   had the building evacuated within seconds. 
While the majority of the district's   eight hundred plus students had already gone home for the day, there were still a number of after school activities that had to be canceled because of the bomb threat and evacuation of the district's property.
Yes the state police had two K-9s    that were explosives dogs that came down and made a sweep of all three of the buildings.

One of those dogs indicated that there could be a problem when he stopped in front of one locker in the school
The dog did what they called a sit down at   a locker   so when ever they do that the do not know if it is active or not. So they have to call in a special bomb squad.     
 As a result of the dog's actions, an additional bomb squad was called in.  That's why it was after midnight before an all clear was given.  Despite all the commotion, there appeared to be plenty of support in the district for the way the bomb threat was handled.

I think they did a very good job closing everything down, and making sure they went through and checked everything out and made sure there as no bombs there or anything. 

While about 15 percent of the district's students stayed home on Tuesday, school officials said they were pleased with the over all attendance as the school resumed all normal activities on the day after the bomb threat was made.

Berlin Borough Police say they have an active investigation into the bomb threat currently underway.

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