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Save Big With Couponing

Couponing expert Jailee Singer is back with some advice on how you can save big with coupons in 2014!

Couponing expert Jailee Singer is back with some advice on how you can save big with coupons in 2014!

Below are Jailee's 5 tips for saving. You can also learn more on her website, http://yousavedhowmuch.net/

1- Understand The Deals
Just because there is a sign that sales "Sale" or "Clearance" doesn't necessarily mean it's a good deal. A deal is when a product is an insanely low price. When you find a product insanely low, whether you it involves coupons or not, try to buy enough that will last your family 3-6 months. By doing this, not only did you get a 'good deal,' but you ensured yourself to not be buying this product when it is full price and keeping it your budget smaller.
Note: Just because it could be free or almost-free, if you don't use it, you are just wasting money & space! The only exception to this rule is if you are donating or giving it to someone who uses that product.

2- Find The Deals
Now that you understand deals, it's time to find them. You find them in any store flier. Many uses excuses that they don't have time to sit down and find these deals, but we cut that out for you! Come to the YSHM site and view all of our matchups, this will save you time and help you find those coupons you probably didn't know existed.

After you find these deals, the next step..get your coupons. You can find them anywhere Sunday Papers, Online, Magazines, etc. YSHM will also tell you where those coupons are and how to pair them up.

Another way to help save big is planning your grocery store trips around the deals. In a few months, if you stick to buying 3-6 months worth of that product, you will realize you can have a great variety of dinner choices while saving on the wallet.

3- Learn The Power of "Stacking"
This can become complicated!! Our site will have a better detail of the stacking term, but in general this means you take a manufacturer coupon and pair it with a store coupon. You can further this with the reward programs the drugstores offer.

Stores that Stack are: Weis Markets, CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, and Target.

4- Savings Goes Beyond Grocery/Drugstores
Today there are deals everywhere!! You can coupon at many stores like Petco, Toysrus, Staples, and more. Places like Kohl's do offers like Kohl's Cash to help you stretch that dollar more. The key is to be savvy and learn how to use them to get more.

5- Apps
Smartphones nowaday can do everything and they can save you money! There are many apps out there. The ones I use are called Ibotta, Receipt Hog, Cartwheel 51, Shopkick, and Shopular. Further Details and links will be on the YouSavedHowMmuch site.

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