Roadway May Be Renamed to Honor Local Soldier

Roadway May Be Renamed to Honor Local Soldier

A local lawmaker is hoping to honor a soldier's bravery by naming a road after him.
STATE COLLEGE, CENTRE COUNTY - A roadway may be renamed to honor a local soldier.

Sgt. Adam Hartswick lost both of his legs after stepping on an IED in Afghanistan in May. He is still recovering today at the Walter Reed Medical Center.

Now, a local lawmaker is hoping to honor Sgt. Hartswick's bravery.

For Adam Hartswick, the last four months have been a challenge.

"Its' probably going to be another year or so, it's just a long road," he said. "I have to learn to be independent again with my prosthetics and such, so it's a long road to adapt."

After losing both of his legs in Afghanistan, he says it's been tough not only recovering, but understanding and coping with the loss of some of his best friends.

"I'd rather have all my fallen brothers back and rather have my legs, but maybe this is something to help," Adam said.

The community has honored Adam as a hero and now, a local lawmaker wants to say 'thank you', too.

"His story has touched a lot of people," Tor Michaels, Scott Conklin's representative, said.

Representative Conklin has proposed legislation to rename a portion of State Route 45 in Pine Grove Mills, Centre County, as the "Sgt. Adam Hartswick Interchange."

"Not only is he a hero for his service in Afghanistan, but he's also one of our local hero's, too," Michaels said. "We just thought it was an appropriate recognition."

If the legislation passes, Conklin says signs will be put up between the intersection of 26 and 322 in Boalsburg to show the name change.

Adam appreciates the gesture, but says instead, he wants to honor others.

"I'm honored, but everyone has to remember there's still a war going on," he said. "A lot of my brothers are still in harms way. I'm waiting for them to come home."

Conklin says the legislation could pass as early as this fall.
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