Quarterbacks of Life Visit Central PA

Quarterbacks of Life Visit Central PA

They are role models for young people and their mission is to give them the motivational tools to overcome adversity.

The Quarterbacks of Life® school assembly program provides role models for young people. their mission is to give them the motivational tools to overcome adversity. On today's show, former Penn State player Adam Taliaferro explains his involvement in the program. We also talk with two students from Bellwood Antis Schools who were instrumental in bringing this program to their school.

About Quarterbacks of life (from their website):  "Quarterbacks of Life®are everyday people. These are real-life role models that have overcome obstacles in their lives, and they have triumphed. In the face of great challenges, they did not give up. They have beaten the odds. The Quarterbacks of Life® at Beating the Odds Foundation believe that attitude and dreams are everything. By adopting a "never give up" attitude, anyone can persevere and realize their dreams.

The Quarterbacks of Life® school assembly program provides students with the opportunity to hear and learn from the Foundation's message about "beating the odds" and succeeding in life. Rocco Scalzi, Beating the Odds Foundation Founder, and other Quarterbacks of Life® travel the country to meet with students and share their inspirational stories.

The assembly program focuses on the Stepping Stones to Success: dreams and goals, self-esteem (resource review), team support, decide & plan, and positive mental attitude. This is a powerful step-by-step process where students will learn of a pathway to success and through the application of these Stepping Stones will learn to live lives of meaning, purpose, and direction as caring human beings and builders of caring communities.
Students greatly benefit from our inspirational assembly program. The BTO Foundation has worked with many school districts to help their students establish and develop a life-long desire to succeed!

Beating the Odds Foundation was founded in 1990 by Rocco Scalzi, a former Altoona Pennsylvania police officer that managed to turn his life around after a tragic incident that occurred in 1980 during his rookie year. Learning that obstacles can become barriers in one's life, Rocco turned his life around and decided to take his message of hope to others around the country."

Want to learn more? Visit Quarterbacks of Life Student Success and Leadership Program online.

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