PSU Prepares for Wisconsin, Weather

PSU Prepares for Wisconsin, Weather

Cold to be a factor for second straight week.
University Park, CENTRE COUNTY - It's a winter wonderland at Beaver Stadium. And for the second week in a row, the Nittany Lions are preparing for very cold temperatures for game day, something that head coach Bill O’Brien says you have to keep in mind.

“When it's really cold, you have to do a good job of making sure that the footballs that you're using are staying relatively warm and things like that,” O’Brien says, “because those things can be like rocks. And then when you add the wind in, it's important that you have your quarterback understand how important it is to throw a spiral.”

As for extra layers of clothing, many Penn State players insist on keeping their arms bare no matter how cold it gets.
Nittany Lion linebacker Mike Hull is among them.

“It's kind of like a toughness thing that we have going,” Hull says. “(Linebackers Glenn) Carson, myself and Nyeem (Wartman), we don't want to show any weakness, so we go bare skin.”

Exceptions to the macho rule exist.
Most notably is quarterback Christian Hackenberg.
His long sleeves are meant to keep his throwing arm warm.

“If they choose to go sleeveless or they choose to wear sleeves,” O’Brien says, “some of the best players I've seen were bundled up. I don't get into that with our players. Whatever's comfortable.”
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