Preventing Drug Abuse

Preventing Drug Abuse

The annual resource festival in DuBois had over 40 vendors who provides services to people dealing with drug addiction, mental illness and/or disabilities.
DUBOIS, CLEARFIELD COUNTY - At the annual resource festival in DuBois 40 vendors set-up to display the resources in the area available to people dealing with drugs abuse, mental illness and or disabilities.

"I think it makes people more aware of what’s there for them to use. It gives them a better life. It gives them a chance to move-up (and) move on with their lives  said Social Service Aid and event coordinator, Corrine Charles.

The Clearfield, Jefferson Drug and Alcohol Commission had a booth at the event. Prevention Speciailist Karen Orner spoke about the leading drugs used in our region. She said marijuana and alcohol are still the drugs of choice, but heroin is becoming more popular.

"Now that people are more aware of prescripton drug abuse they are taking steps to make it more difficult  to obtain the meds or to crush them. So, people are going back to heroin because it is also an opiate" said Prevention specialist, Karen Orner.

Orner says participating in the festival is a way to inform the public about prevention.

"It's another opportunity to educate everyone who comes through just to be aware of how prevalent it is" she said.

She said it is important to teach people how to make healthy, smart choices at a young age.

She also says there is always hope for recovery.

To contact the Clearfield Jefferson Drug and Alcohol Commission click here.

For more information on services for people with mental illness and/or disabilities contact Community Connections of Jefferson and Clearfield Counties.

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