Pirates, Fans React to Playoff Berth

Pittsburgh Pirates celebrate their playoff berth, and fans celebrate by buying postseason gear.
PITTSBURGH – After the Pirates won and Nationals lost on Monday night, the Pirates celebrated in Chicago.  The Bucs had clinched a postseason berth for the first time in over 20 years.
The last time the Pirates were in the playoffs, Barry Bonds was on the team, and PNC Park didn't exist.
"This is great, this is everything I dreamed about when I was watching the Pirates in the early 90’s,” says Second Baseman Neil Walker.  “It's been a long time coming.  A lot of people said that we couldn't do it.  And you know, we didn't listen to them.
"To see where we are now, to even have this opportunity now is, it's life-changing, almost,” says Outfielder Andrew McCutchen.
Bucs’ fans continued the celebration on Tuesday - how else?  By grabbing up postseason gear.
27-yeard-old John Mallick was born in Altoona, and has loved the Pirates all his life.  He remembers the ’92 NLCS.
"We left Altoona right around the same time of Sid Bream scoring the run so, [it was] pretty devastating,” says Mallick.  “I remember being a little kid, staying up real late.  [I was] crying afterwards because it was just heartbreaking."
Mallick says no tears were shed on Monday night. 
"The 82nd win for me, that was what I was waiting for,” says Mallick.  “Last night was just a culmination of 20 years of waiting - for my dad, for my whole family.  It’s just been a great season.”
The regular season is not over with yet.  The Pirates have (as of Tuesday afternoon) 2 games with Chicago, and then the Pirates play the Reds this upcoming weekend.  That could decide which team will host a Wild Card game next week. 
But the Pirates do still have a chance at winning the NL Central.  They're 2 games behind the St. Louis Cardinals.
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