PennDOT Supplies Outlook

Materials in good supply
HOLLIDAYSBURG - Anyone who has been driving over the last couple of days knows that this has been a pretty difficult winter for road crews. As we approach the end of January, there is some concern about how Penn-DOT's supplies are holding up for the rest of the season.
There were some reports out of the Harrisburg area this week that Penn-DOT in that part of the state was concerned about running through their winter supplies at a rapid pace.    That's why we checked in with the Penn-DOT district that covers this region to see how they snow removal and road treating materials are holding up.
We were told that so far, things are right about on schedule with what has already been used on area highways.  While there has been a fair amount of snow and very cold weather in this part of the state, most of the activity has come in the form of smaller storms that mobilized Penn-DOT crews but have not caused any problems with the district's supply of road treating materials.
"So far with salt and anti skid supplies, we probably have used about half of our supplies at this point   but we are also getting toward the end of January.   We have had a lot of smaller what we call nuisance storms.    You know an inch or two here,    and an inch here that we had to be out treating.   So that has eaten into some of our supplies but at this point we have no concerns."     
The Penn-DOT spokesperson went on to say they continue to get more road treating materials delivered all the time.  They expect to get through this winter season without dipping into their spring road repair budget to purchase additional winter supplies.

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