Penn State - Eastern Michigan Gameday Forecast

What will be the weather for Penn State's home opener?
Hello Nittany Nation!

For early season football games, the weather often can be described as rainy or hot. Well for the Nittany Lions first home game on the season, it's not going to rain. The only travel concern while heading to the stadium on Saturday will be some patches of fog. Otherwise, we'll have a good deal of sunshine. It will be a little cool for the early morning tailgates, and it will probably be cool under the stands when you first enter the stadium, but most folks will have sunshine striking them. That will turn out to be hot sunshine, even though temperatures will be in the 70s during the game. The good news is that the humidity will be low, and that means if you feel overheated, it should be quite comfortable in the shade. Pack lightweight clothing and sunscreen for the game. The wind will not be noticeable which will result in good news for our young quarterbacks. Temperatures will peak near 80° for the postgame tailgates but there should be not travel problems heading home from the stadium.

Fight on State!!!
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