Penn State Cuts Ties With Academic Association

Penn State Cuts Ties With Academic Association

PSU Harrisburg withdraws from American Studies Association after A.S.A. votes to boycott Israeli academic institutions.
HARRISBURG - Penn State Harrisburg is announcing it's dropping all ties with a major academic association.

The school is one of the first universities to announce it will no longer be a member of the American Studies Association program.

This comes just days after the A.S.A. voted to boycott all Israeli academic institutions because of what it described as Israel's violation of international law regarding the West Bank.

Penn State Harrisburg Professor Simon Bronner said that boycott is does not represent the views of Penn State.

"The main purpose is to show that this action is one we consider discriminatory," he said in a phone interview. "This action does not reflect the wishes of us as a program and what we consider one of the leading programs [Penn State] in the country."

Bronner says PSU's Harrisburg branch is currently looking for other academic programs to join that in his view, better represent American studies.

Brandeis University has also announced that it too will be withdrawing from the A.S.A., emphasizing that it does not agree with the vote to boycott Israeli academic institutions.

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