Penn State - Central Florida Gameday Forecast

It will be cool even for a September night game at Beaver Stadium.
Hello Nittany Nation!

We have an unusual 6pm kickoff time for the Battle of the Os on Saturday, O'Brien and O'Leary that is. The combination of an unseasonably cool air mass and the night game will create a much cooler than usual September game. There really shouldn't be any weather travel problems heading to the game unless you count sun in your eyes as a problem. Temperatures will be pretty close to 60 for the pregame tailgates. This will be comfortable in the sun, but cool in the shade. The mercury will drop off to 58° by the time of kickoff.  If you are one of the lucky few that will get a little sun at the beginning of the game, this will feel nice but in the shade it will be cool. You definitely will need the sweatshirts or jackets for the game as temperatures will drop through the 50s during the game. There will be little wind, so this kind of weather will not effect play on the field and may actually be quite enjoyable for players.
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