Pastor May Be Fired for Officiating Same-Sex Wedding

A pastor who officiated a same-sex wedding in State College may lose his job.
STATE COLLEGE, CENTRE COUNTY - A pastor who officiated a same-sex wedding in State College may lose his job, WTAJ has the exclusive details on this developing story.

Mayor Elizabeth Goreham confirmed Thursday afternoon, the pastor who performed the same-sex wedding in her home a couple of weeks ago may be fired.

Reverend Ken Kline Smeltzer married the Pike County couple just a couple of weeks ago.

When we spoke with him there, he declined to go on camera because he said he was going against his church's beliefs by officiating the wedding, but said it was something he believed in.

We spoke with the reverend's wife Thursday. She says the decision is not final at this point, but that some church officials have met with Ken and it is likely he will be let go from his position as pastor.

We do not know the name of the church, as Ken and his wife do not feel comfortable sharing that at this time until a final decision has been made.

The pastor did not want to go on camera again Thursday, but Mayor Goreham says he's fully expecting to be relieved of his duty as pastor.

"He doesn't regret performing the wedding and he is very supportive of marriage equality," she said. "He's sorry that the church and he were not able to work it out, but he stands by his act and would do it again."

The decision is not final, but we're told a final decision should be made in the coming weeks.
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