Pasta Boat

Pasta Boat

<p>The Pasta Boat promises perfect pasta every time.<br mce_bogus="1"></p>

Pasta Boat



  • easy to use
  • easy to understand directions
  • dishwasher safe
  • comes with bonus steamer for veggies
  • its the cooking container, strainer and storage container all in one


  • A little bulky---might be hard to find space for storage in your kitchen
  • some people don't like cooking things in a microwave in plastic for that long of a period

***TEST IT TUESDAY REVIEW*** - We gave the pasta boat a 4 out 4 star rating.  The pasta tasted fine and wasn't gummy.  It was nice to have a strainer that you could just snap on and use.  It has the bonus steamer tray, so that is good gadget to have around as well.

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