Non-Profit Could Close

Non-Profit Could Close

A theater located inside of a community center could be forced to close.
PUNXSUTAWNEY, JEFFERSON COUNTY - The Jackson Theater in Punxsutawney is located within the Community Center and considered a non-profit.

It offers the community a chance to see second run films for $5.00 a ticket. A second run film is one that has been in theaters for 5 weeks.

The theater is a service to the community and opened Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. They average 400 people a weekend, but are in jeopardy of closing.

The theater must go digital or go dark.

By 2014, only digital films will be available. A digital projector costs $70,000.

The theater is hosting many fundraisers and for one, they are selling names tags for their seats.

A tag is $100. They also have put bins around at local restaurants and this past Saturday Fox's Pizza gave 10% of their to the theater.

They say it is crucial to the area. The next closest movie theater is 20 miles way.
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