New Way to Treat Brain Aneurysms

New Way to Treat Brain Aneurysms

Device to be tested in 125 patients.

If a brain aneurysm ruptures it can be deadly or leave a person with permanent neurological problems. Now, doctors are testing a new surgical device that can be used on aneurysms that are difficult to reach.
Doctors reach the brain through an artery in the groin.  Then, they put a tiny mesh called a Flow Re-Direction Endoluminal Device - or FRED- across the opening of the aneurysm.

Dr. Johanna Fifi of Roosevelt Hospital in New York says, "just by cutting of the blood flow the clot in the aneurysm dissolves slowly over time and the entire thing shrinks." Dr. Fifi adds that the device allows for treatment of complex aneurysms that couldnt be treated before

Nearly two dozen hospitals across the country plan to test the new aneurysm device. Doctors hope to study about 125 patients.

The closest testing site to Central Pennsylvania is Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

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