New Pa Healthcare Proposals

New Pa Healthcare Proposals

Governor's Medicaid plans include work requirement.

Governor Tom Corbett is starting  the process involved in formally asking the Obama Administration for a waiver from expanding the Medicaid program.
On Friday, the Governor kicked off the official statewide public conversation about the future of healthcare In Pennsylvania. That discussion will include a six hearings across the state including one in Altoona next month.
In the meantime, Corbett released more information  on his plans. They include charging a premium to some Medicaid recipients, based on income, and requiring some to search for work.

Senior citizens, the disabled, and pregnant women would be exempt from the premium and the job search requirement. Those who do find work could get up to a 25 percent reduction in their premium. They could get another 25 percent decrease if they engage in healthy behaviors.

The governor's plan also offers a private coverage option for uninsured Pennsylvanians. The statewide public comment period on all of this runs through January 13, 2014.

You can see the governor's draft plan in the Pennsylvania Bulletin.

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