New Details in Ashville Shooting

New details are emerging in a deadly shooting in Cambria County.
ALLEGHENY TOWNSHIP, CAMBRIA COUNTY - New details are emerging in a deadly shooting in Cambria County.

The four victims in Friday night's shooting in Allegheny Township, Cambria County, have been identified.

64 year-old Roberta Frew, 47 year-old John Frew, Jr., 43 year-old Josephine Ruckinger and 43 year-old Jeffrey Ruckinger died in the shooting.

Until Sunday, details about what happened Friday night were limited but now, officials are outlining a horrifying story.

Cambria County District Attorney, Kelly Callihan, is calling the shooting a murder plot. Police have talked with the only surviving victim, John Frew, Sr. They say his wife and son were killed by his estranged daughter and her husband.

"What we are lead to believe, at this point, he had no idea that was his daughter until after the fact, after everything unfolded," Pennsylvania State Police Trooper John Matchik Jr. said.

Police say John and Roberta Frew hadn't spoken to or seen their daughter, Josephine Ruckinger, in about 20 years. Frew allegedly told police he didn't know it was his estranged daughter at the door until after he shot her.

"Mr. Frew, Sr. has been very cooperative in this particular situation," Matchik said. "We've made no arrests and it's an ongoing, fluid investigation."

It's a story Cambria County District Attorney, Kelly Callihan, calls calculated.

"Clearly, these two individuals came to this house to carry out a plan, a deadly attack on this family," she said. "I would characterize it as a home invasion that was a murder plot. They came armed and ready to commit murder."

Police say John and Roberta Frew's 43 year-old estranged daughter, Josephine, and her husband, Jeffrey, drove to the Frew home on Bottom Road in Allegheny Township, Cambria County, just after 10:00 Friday night, knocked on the door and opened fire.

"Roberta answered the door," Matchik said. "We believe she cried out something to the effect of, 'Oh my God, they have guns.' At this time, gunfire erupted."

Police say Josephine took the first shot that killed Roberta. They say John Frew, Jr. was shot next by Jeffrey while trying to grab a gun. He died from multiple gunshot wounds to the chest.

Police are calling what happened next, self defense. They say the homeowner, John Frew, Sr., ran to a back bedroom, grabbed a rifle, and shot Josephine and Jeffrey, both in the head. Jeffrey died at the scene, Josephine later died at UMPC Altoona.

Neighbors in the area say it's something they've never seen before.

"People will be on their toes for a few years," Ken Wills said. "You just don't expect it."

Police did search both the Frew home and the suspect's car, parked at the end of the driveway. Police say they found a large amount of ammunition, a gas can, and charcoal lighter fluid in the car.

The shooting is still under investigation.
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