Neighbors Concerned About Runaway Truck Ramp

Neighbors Concerned About Runaway Truck Ramp

An area man is concerned a runaway truck ramp will take out his home and he's hoping to do something about it.
PINE GROVE MILLS, CENTRE COUNTY - An area man is concerned a runaway truck ramp will take out his home and he's hoping to do something about it.

Neighbors living along Water Street in Pine Grove Mills say another runaway truck ramp so close to home isn't necessary. Others worry construction will change the dynamics of their community.

For James Canner, this is more than a house. It's been his home for decades.

"My wife works here in town and my daughter was going to Penn State," he said.

Canner and his family have lived in their home in Pine Grove Mills for 35 years, but a new construction project could change that.

"We can't really sell our house on the market because of this," Canner said.

He'd be offered fair market value for the home, but he's not sold. The construction is part of a two-part project. The first phase was completed two years ago with the construction of a truck runaway ramp at the top of Pine Grove Mills mountain.

The second phase will put another ramp near East Chestnut Street, right through Canner's home.

"It's been designed to come right to my side deck and will be uncomfortable for me," he said.

Ferguson Township Manager Mark Kunkle says the project was first proposed after a truck crashed into an auto repair shop at the bottom of the mountain, killing a man inside. The truck's rear brakes were nearly worn away.

Kunkle says since then, safety is key.

"This is one of possibly two or three different safety improvements," he said.

But he says feedback from neighbors is important and enough concern could even shut the project down.

"The board is certainly open to the possibility of this project not being completed," Kunkle said.

Something Canner would be happy to see.

"I don't know of anybody in the community itself for it," he said.

The project will cost the state $2 million. PennDOT and township officials will hold an open house Monday, October 7 for neighbors to share their thoughts about the project. That starts at 5:00 at the Ferguson Township Municipal building, 3147 Research Drive.
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