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Missing Holiday Mail

Local woman's cards disappear.
ROARING SPRING  - Mailing her holiday cards early did not help one Blair County woman.   Dozens of her holiday greetings have gone missing or turned up damaged.
Amy Hammel of roaring spring made it a point to get her holiday cards out early this year.   That's because she wanted to send out pictures of her young son.  But so far, many of her pictures and cards have disappeared.
On her kitchen table, Hammel has collected several examples of what happened to the Christmas cards she sent out to friends and family.  So far only pieces of envelopes have been delivered.

"This is what you get, just the front of the envelope, and a thing from the post office."

 One of those who got the odd delivery was Hammel's mother.
"It's crazy, I've never, I send out hundreds of them and I've never had this experience before."

Hammel says she contacted the Post Office in Roaring Spring but isn't sure about the answer she received.

"I called them and they said it was a machine but I really don't think a machine is going to rip the envelope completely in half and figure out where pictures are going."

A Post Office spokesperson said that while damage to mail does happen, problems are rare, especially when you consider the volume of holiday mail flowing through the Pittsburgh processing facility

"However during the holiday season the mail jumps to over a million pieces a day.   So I'm not minimizing  the plight of an individual who may have had a piece of mail damaged or  a couple pieces, we certainly  regret  and apologize for that   but we do see an incredible amount   mail coming though our system at this time of year."

Still that is little comfort to this family that is wondering what happened to the rest of their holiday greetings.

"I mean one or two maybe getting stuck in a machine but her whole raft of cards,   being tore up, it’s crazy." 

The Post Office representative said there is problems with flimsy envelopes that come with many holiday cards. Especially if you put anything in those cards,  like a picture, additional notes or a gift card,  you're urged to make sure the envelope is substantial enough to hold up as the  holiday card makes its way though the mail processing system.

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