Memorial Field Renovations Will Start Soon

Memorial Field Renovations Will Start Soon

The long awaited renovation project for Memorial Field could start soon in Centre County.

The long awaited renovation project for memorial field could start soon in Centre County.
The State college area school district has been planning the improvements for years and officials say the work could start as early as this summer.

School officials say after years of meetings and presentations, they are finally ready to start construction on memorial field -- their only outdoor stadium venue.

The west side bleachers along Fraser Street will be the first thing fixed during phase one of the project. The bleachers are over 50 years old and school officials say they are rusty and unsafe.

"There's a retaining wall behind the bleachers that is structurally failing as a result of that we had to close a section of the bleachers for a number of years," said Ed Poprik, Director of Physical Plant, State College Area School District.

Poprik updated State College Borough Council Monday on the project.  He says when the bleachers are replaced everything will also be handicap accessible, including some new rest rooms.

"We had an ongoing storm water problem that we will hopefully address maybe in the second phase of this project. The turf is 10 years old so it's near the end of its life. So it's going to be replaced. Then the home side, east bleachers will be the major part of the project."  Poprik says the entire stadium will be revamped with lockers rooms and concession stands, perfect for all the football games and other sports match-ups during the season.

Poprik says construction will be phased out and financed over a number of years.  The first part of the project cost around 3 million dollars; the over all project ranges over 10 million.

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