Debate Over Marine Memorial

Debate Over Marine Memorial

A local Marine died during a training exercise in March now, there is a debate over whether a bridge should be named in his honor.
DUBOIS, CLEARFIELD COUNTY - LCpl. Joshua Martino USMC died in March when a mortar exploded during a training exercise.

Hundreds of people lined the streets of DuBois during his procession to show their respects and to honor his memory.

Family and friends went to  State Representative Matt Gabler and asked him to draft a bill to have a bridge named in Martino's honor.

Gabler asked for public opinion and got mixed reviews.

The military community says traditionally a bridge is named after a fallen solider who died in combat and on foreign soil.

They say it would be more appropriate to name a bench or create a memorial in his honor.

Other people feel he was training to serve our country and deserves the same honor as those who died in combat overseas.

The discussion is in the very early stages and opinions are being gathered so, Gabler can ultimately decide whether or not a bill should be drafted. If it is drafted he says he will need public support to make sure it passes.
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