Man's 3 Death Sentences Upheld

Convicted of killing 3 men in Altoona

The man convicted of killing three people in Altoona eight years ago will remain on death row. The  State Supreme Court has upheld three death sentences for Miguel Padilla.
Padilla shot and killed  Al Mignogna, Fred Rickabaugh Sr., and Stephen Heiss outside the UVA Club. His appeal  claimed he had ineffective counsel, he was an illegal alien and wasn't allow to consult with the Mexican government, and that the evidence didn't  support the death penalty.

However, Blair County Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Bernard says the State Supreme Court firmly dismissed all of Padilla's arguments.
"They always have the right to ask the court for review. It's just that after a direct appeal comes back so strongly affirming the sentence of death, it will be difficult," she said.
No one on death row in Pennsylvania has been executed since 1999

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