Man Charged With Cutting Up Friend Goes to Court

Police say Michael Shuagrs, 32, shot Chet Haddow,33, in a drug deal gone wrong then, cut up his body.
JEFFERSON COUNTY - On September 13 police say Michael Shugars,32, met his friend Chet Haddow,33, for a drug deal. Police believe Shugars attempted to rob Haddow for the drugs and shot him.

Haddow died. Police say Shugars then cut up his body and scattered it around Jefferson and Indiana Counties. Fishermen saw parts of his body in Perry Township on September 15 and within 24 hours Shugars was the prime suspect.

He is been in the Jefferson County Jail without bail.

Tuesday he headed to court for the first time. He chose to waive his preliminary hearing and now, the court phase will begin.

He could face the death penalty.
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