Lunch with the Greatest Generation

Lunch with the Greatest Generation

An 89 year old World War II Veteran and all Veterans had the chance to eat for free on Monday.
DUBOIS, CLEARFIELD COUNTY - At the Ponderosa, in DuBois, on Veterans Day all veterans eat for free.

They started the program over 5 years ago. On Monday, dozens of service men and woman ate for free.

Among those people eating was World War II veteran Robert Grimminger. Grimminger was in the army and spent three years overseas.

It is difficult for him to talk about.

"I saw the machine gun bullets flying by my feet like raindrops so I hit the ground and as I hit the ground the medic that came into patch me up; he got hit with one of the bullets that were flying. He said "Oh my God, help me I am hit" recalls Grimminger.

He does not know if the man survived.

"You live through this thing and you hope that the war will be over soon. I know it's an exasperating thing and then, all your friends being wounded and some of them getting killed. It left a sour taste in your mouth" he said.

Being at Ponderosa, on Monday, and seeing how all of the employees thank and appreciate veterans he said makes him proud to have fought for this country.
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