Local Movie Theater Gets Dough to Go Digital

Local Movie Theater Gets Dough to Go Digital

Huntingdon based charity partners with Clifton Theater to help with conversion to digital projection.<br /><br />
HUNTINGDON, HUNTINGDON COUNTY -- WTAJ News has been following the plight of several local theatres -- all in the throes of finding a quarter of a million bucks to convert from 35 mm to digital.

Good news to report in Huntingdon. 

The non-profit Landmarks group worked with the Huntingdon Cinemas, Inc., owners of downtown Huntingdon's historic Clifton Theater to raise the money needed.

All 5 theatres have been renamed in honor of donors. 

They include honoring longtime Clifton manager, James T. Kalos; John R. "Pete" Peoples, Jr., father of current manager/owner David Peoples; Huntingdon Nursing and Rehabilitation Center; Juniata College Class of 2013, and Thompson's Candle Company.

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