Local Mayor Tells Residents, "Don't Vote for Me"

Local Mayor Tells Residents, "Don't Vote for Me"

A local mayor is spreading a different campaign message this fall.
PORT MATILDA, CENTRE COUNTY - A local mayor is spreading a different campaign message this fall.

"I don't want people to waste their vote on me," Port Matilda Mayor, Bob Wiser, said. "If you have a good candidate, vote for them."

Bob Wiser has been the mayor of Port Matilda for four years but now, he's telling residents to vote for someone else.

"I think it's only fair to tell people," he said. "Let's vote for somebody that can step up to the plate."

It hasn't been an easy decision.

"I'm going to miss going to the office and being aware of everything going on in town," Wiser said.

But now, he's ready to step down.

"There's a big age difference between me and council members," Wiser said.

He says he's been butting heads with borough council members for a while now about several issues, including a weeding ordinance he has been trying to pass for two years.

"I thought, after six years at $35 a month, I'm just going to relax," he said.

"I wanted him to be sure before he made that decision," Bob's wife, Delores, said.

She has mixed emotions about her husband's decision.

"He got so much out of it, gave so much to everyone," she said. "I can't say I'm sad, but I can't say I'm happy either."

She says she supports him, no matter what.

"I'm with him the whole way, whether he wants to do it or whether he doesn't want to do it."

Bob says he'll miss being mayor, having people come to him with problems, but says knowing he'll always be part of the community makes things a little easier.

"I think it's a lifetime honor and I'm proud to have been mayor," he said. "There's nothing that pleases me more than to hear somebody say 'our mayor.' That makes me feel like I did a good job when they say it, so I think it's an honor somebody else ought to enjoy."

If Bob is reelected, he says he'll stay in office until the end of his term on December 31, this year. From there, the borough council will elect an interim mayor to fill in until the next municipal election.
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