Local Man Sentenced to 5-10 Years for Robbery

The man is already serving 1-3 years in State Prison on a forgery charge.
BELLEFONTE, CENTRE COUNTY – A 27-year-old Clearfield County man was sentenced Thursday to 5-10 years in State Prison for conspiracy to commit robbery and other charges.

Jason McGonigal was found guilty in a jury trial for his role in a December 2012 robbery in which he and his co-defendant robbed the Puff Cigarette Outlet in Philipsburg with hunting knives.  McGonigal and his co-defendant were sick from heroin withdraw when they conspired to rob the store to get money for drugs.

The judge presiding over the trial cited McGonigal’s criminal record dating back to 1999 in sentencing, including burglary, multiple felony thefts, and multiple DUI offenses as evidence he had refused to accept prior attempts at rehabilitation.

McGonigal was wanted from Clearfield County on forgery charges when the robbery occurred. The 5-10 year sentence will run consecutive with the 1-3 year sentence from Clearfield County.
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