Living Conditions "Deplorable" In Local Home

Kids played "kill the roach" in living room.
ALTOONA - 33 year-old Jennina Pratt is in Blair County Jail after Altoona Police found rotten food, trash, and hundreds of cockroaches throughout her home, with 5 kids living inside.
Police say the living conditions in the house are deplorable.
According to court documents the house had "animal urine on the floor, rotten food in the sink, on the counters and in the refrigerator, cockroaches in every corner, on every shelf, on the walls and in the dishes."
Pratt faces felony charges for endangering the welfare of her five children.
On Monday, friends and family began working to clean the place up.
 “We're trying to save a lot of the clothes as far as furniture...everything has to go. I mean she has to be rock bottom,” Family Friend Mark Siters says.
Mark Siters has babysat the five kids before. He says Pratt had been struggling for more than a year.
“When I came into the house I saw what it looked like and I tried my best to keep it clean for her,” Siters says.
During their investigation, Altoona Police say the cockroach infestation was so bad the kids had bite marks on their legs and played "kill the roach" in the living room.
Siters witnessed that mess first hand.
“There are 40 to 50 cockroaches in stacks everywhere. There's rotten food that we have to get rid of out of the furniture,” Siters says.
And as their work gets started, Siters says they can use all the help they can get.
“It needs work. It really needs the community's help and volunteers to please come and help. Even if it’s not for her at least think of the kids,” Siters says.
The family declined to let us take a look inside the house Monday. According to police, the kids have been moved to a safe location.

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