Kwik Fill Robbed

The Kwik Fill Along Front Street near Hyde was robbed on Wednesday night.
CLEARFIELD, CLEARFIELD COUNTY - The Kwik Fill in Lawrence Township near Hyde was robbed on Wednesday night.

Police say an employee was in the back and come out front in time to see a man in a mask standing at the register. He hit the robber with a mop and the robber punch him. Police say he used his fist or a weapon and the clerk's lip split. The robber got away in a car parked near by.

Officials say it is not too unusual to see a rise in crime near the holidays.

"U.S. retailers are expected to lose 8.9 billion from fraud and people who shop lift this holiday season. This is a 4% increase from 2011" According to a new study by the UK-based Centre for Retail Research

The study further states the most frequently stolen items are:

1) Alcohol

2) Women’s Clothing and Accessories

3) Toys

4) Perfume/beauty products

5) Electronics

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