Job Openings in Railroad Field

Job Openings in Railroad Field

Norfolk Southern Looking to Fill Jobs in PA
NORFOLK, VA. -- Norfolk Southern Corporation plans to hire 500 employees in eight states by the end of 2011 to meet the growing demand for freight rail service and to replace employees retiring in coming years.


The railroad is seeking applicants as conductors, freight car repairers, machinists, signal maintainers, and track workers in the following locations:

Illinois:                        Chicago, Decatur

Indiana:                        Fort Wayne, Princeton

Maryland:                     Baltimore*

New York:                    Buffalo

Ohio:                            Cincinnati

Tennessee:                   Chattanooga, Knoxville

Virginia:                       Manassas*, Roanoke

Pennsylvania:              Altoona, Harrisburg*, Pittsburgh


*Employment information sessions are scheduled at these locations.


"These jobs offer excellent pay and benefits and the opportunity to build a long-term career at a company that has been vital to the U.S. economy for more than 180 years," said Cindy Earhart, NS vice president of human resources. "Norfolk Southern has hired more than 3,500 employees so far this year and anticipates adding 2,600 employees in 2012."


Most of the jobs involve working outdoors and at night, on weekends, and holiday shifts. Substantial travel might be required to help keep Norfolk Southern's 2,000-plus trains per day running across the railroad system.


Job descriptions


Conductor: You'll start as a conductor trainee, operate track switches, couple cars, and work on freight trains in rail yards or travel with trains. Significant travel may be involved, and you might spend a day or more per week away from your home terminal. Watch this video to learn more. This job leads to becoming a locomotive engineer.


Machinist: You will inspect, repair, and maintain the engine and mechanical components of the railroad's 4,100 diesel locomotives. Experience with welding, hydraulics, or equipment maintenance is beneficial.


Signal Maintainer: This job involves the construction, repair, and maintenance of 6,000 railroad signals in 22 states. Electronics training is useful.


Freight Car Repairer: You'll inspect, repair, and maintain Norfolk Southern's fleet of more than 87,000 freight cars. Experience in welding or mechanical repairs is preferred but not necessary.


Track Worker: Employees inspect, maintain, and repair 36,000 miles of main line and yard tracks across the Norfolk Southern network.


Interested individuals can learn more about careers in the railroad industry at three employment information sessions for job openings in Baltimore, Harrisburg, Pa., and Manassas, Va. During the sessions job candidates will complete an application and assessment and may be selected for an interview.


Harrisburg, Pa.                                     Baltimore                                 Manassas, Va.

Nov. 29, 2011                                        Nov. 30, 2011                            Dec. 2, 2011

8 a.m.                                                   8 a.m.                                       8 a.m.

Holiday Inn Harrisburg East                 Marriott Hunt Valley                 Best Western-Culpeper

4751 Lindle Road                                 245 Shawan Road                     791 Madison Road

Harrisburg                                            Hunt Valley, Md.                       Culpeper, Va.



To apply for positions at other locations, visit Norfolk Southern's careers website and complete an online application. Our employment team will notify you if you are selected to participate in the next step of the recruiting process. If you have specific questions or need assistance with the online application, call our Human Resources Help Desk at (800) 267-3313. Applicants must be at least 18 and have a minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent. Those who receive a job offer are required to successfully complete a medical exam, drug test, and background investigation.


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