Is Fixed?

Is Fixed?

Local health insurance professional says, maybe not.

The Obama Administration is reporting a dramatic improvement in the performance of the health care web site. The White House technology team says it's fixed more than 400 bugs in the system - and that is now working more than 90 percent of the time, but don't be surprised if you still can't get on it.
Even with the improvements, Health Insurance Manager Joyce Wagner wasn't one of those successful users, when she tried to help clients.

"The first thing that came up, it was just kind of doing the hourglass and wouldn't go anywhere," she says, "and then,  once I tried again, it said there were too many visitors on the site, and just to try back."

And while we talked with her at Forney Financial Solutions in Altoona, she kept trying----no luck. But she's not surprised.

Out of 20 people she's tried to sign up for the program, since the beginning of October, she's only had success with five. That's been after several attempts for each one. 

She says, "when we actually get someone through, it's pretty exciting and I think it's really just their lucky day."

Sometimes the program won't let her get past the first step, sometimes it will, and then it freezes.
Wagner says other times it surprises her.

She says of one client, "this particular individual has tried seven attemptsm, we've gotten  to the point where she can enroll, and now it's asking for documentation to show that's she's a U.S. citizen, so that was a new one."

Wagner doesn't have any tips for success other than keep trying. And she does have a warning---be prepared for sticker shock.

Even with a lower end bronze plan, an individual can end up with $6,300 worth of out of pocket costs; a family, more than  $12,000.

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