How Healthy Are Kids' Fast Food Meals?

How Healthy Are Kids' Fast Food Meals?

Study says only 3 percent of meals you can buy are healthy.

A new study says the fast food industry spent $4.5 billion last year to advertise mostly unhealthy products, with children and teens, key audiences.

Researchers at the Yale Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity looked at the nutritional quality of the food at 18 of the top fast-food restaurants in the country, last year.

Their report, "Fast Food Facts 2013" found that fewer than one percent of kids' meals met nutrition standards recommended by experts.

The study also looked at marketing to children and teens on TV, the internet, social media, and mobile devices.

Marlene Schwartz, the Director of the Yale Rudd Center said, "the meals fast food companies sell to kids don't match what they advertise.  The ads tend to feature the very  healthiest meals, however when you go into the restaurant,  only 3 percent of the meals you can buy, are actually healthy."
The authors of the study say restaurants need to apply nutrition standards to all kids' meals and automatically provide healthy sides and beverages. And they should stop marketing their least healthy items to children and teens.

The full report also includes the best and worst kids meals. 

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