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Holiday Fire Increase Reported

Survey reports increased fire reports
A new state wide survey   reveals a significant spike in homeowner insurance claims during the holiday season.  The survey put together by the Allstate insurance company concludes that Pennsylvania fire claims goes up more than 22 percent during November and December.

The people in charge of area fire companies say every year as the holidays approach, the number of active fire calls local volunteer companies have to answer goes up sharply.  Officers believe a lack of proper caution is a contributing factor.
"Well when you talk about danger,   we have additional electrical appliances  that go up during the holiday season,  I think that  is always a concern,   people who burn candles,   leaving fire and  candles and fire places  unattended can   increase the danger."

That's why they would like to see homeowners take additional steps to reduce the danger of losing their homes to fire.   Insurance specialists say a little extra caution can go along way toward protecting your property.

"Other things are make sure that your candles are put out in the evening.   Candles are a huge fire risk   especially around Christmas trees and new decorations and lights."
House fires that can be traced to holiday decorations lead to millions of dollars in losses according to the Allstate survey and fire experts say there is another big  danger for homeowners this time of year. That comes from home heating systems that have not been properly maintained.
"And often times, its a situation where it may have been years since   maybe that the flue hasn't been cleaned out.   And certainly having some maintenance on the chimney, maintenance over all on your   heating system over all is very important this time of year."   

 Compared to the national average, holiday period fire claims are about 59 percent more likely to occur in Pennsylvania according to the Allstate survey.

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