Higher Speed Limits Coming To PA?

Local Senator wants to raise speed limits.
JEFFERSON COUNTY - Senator Joe Scarnati wants Pennsylvanians to be able to go faster. The Jefferson County Republican is proposing the state increase its speed limit from 65 to 70 on the turnpike and interstates. It’s a plan not all drivers are for.
For more than two decades the maximum speed limit in Pennsylvania has been 65 miles per hour.
Brad Harrington would like to see it stay that way.
“You know you're doing that speed of 70, 75 people are distracted more at that speed. It's definitely a safety issues,” Harrington says.
34 states in the nation currently have maximum speed limits at 70 miles per hour or higher.
Some people say they'd appreciate the convenience.
“I feel like it would be better for people because most of them are going faster than the speed limit anyways,” Kate Peters says.
Kate Peters and her husband Bryan say they'd be for the higher speed limits.
 “We were down south through Virginia and Maryland and speed limits were 75, 80 so it doesn't really seem like it would make that much of a difference,” Bryan Peters says.
But others argue it wouldn’t help and the higher the speed limit goes, the faster speeders will follow.
“No matter what the speed limit is whether its 65, 70, or 75 I believe people are still going to go over the speed limit, because everyone is in a hurry nowadays,” Harrington says.
As part of his proposal Senator Scarnati cites new technology an safety standards as one reason to increase the limits.

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