Heartburn Medicine Linked to Vitamin Deficiency

Heartburn Medicine Linked to Vitamin Deficiency

People who took meds low in vitamin B-12

A new study suggests that  medications  for heartburn, acid reflux, or ulcers may lead to  vitamin B-12 deficiencies. Researchers at Kaiser Permanente compared nearly 26,000 people who were vitamin B-12 deficient to more than 184,000 people who weren't

Among those with a new diagnosis of vitamin B-12 deficiency, twelve percent had been prescribed acid-reducing medicines like Nexium or Protonix. Another four percent had been given drugs like Zantac or Pepcid.
Researchers say the findings shouldn't  keep doctors from giving patients the medicine they need, but they advise using the lowest possible effective dose.

Complete findings for this study are available in the “Journal of the American medical association.”

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